ARCH 513
Limits and Potentials of Modern Architecture / 3 kredi
The very ground of the present-day theory of architecture has been formed within the discourse of modern architecture. This course explores the formative strands of the discourse, as well as their displacements, transformations and deviations. The historical analysis of the discourse is expected to pave the way for understanding the language of contemporary architecture and its very potentials.

Introductory meeting
* modern as emancipation and as anxiety
* Faustian spirit

Oct. 6
Dissolution of tradition: 1750-1900 forerunners of modern:
* the Rationalist discourse
* the Romantic discourse

Oct. 13
Urban transformation: 1800-1900
* the Industrial City: attempts of regularization and sanitation
* spectacular capitals of modern state: Paris and Vienna
* the 19th century Utopias: reconciliation of nature and city

Oct. 20
Technical transformations: 1775-1900
Standardization / modular construction / mass-production

Oct. 27
re-construction of the modern architecture in historiography
* S. Giedion; Space, Time and Architecture
* N. Pevsner; Pioneers of Modern Design
* H. R. Hitchcock and P. Johnson, The International Style

Nov. 3
Metropolis and Avant-Garde

Nov. 10
* The Chicago School
* Frank Lloyd Wright

Nov. 17
* Secession
* Adolf Loos

Nov. 24
* Futurism
* Terragni and Italian Rationalism
* Constructivism

* H. P. Berlage
* De Stijl
* Expressionism

Dec. 8

Dec. 15
* The Deutche Werkbund
* P. Behrens
* Expressionism and the Glass Chain
* The Bauhaus
* The New Objectivity
* Mies van der Rohe

Dec. 22
* T. Garnier
* A. Perret
* Le Corbusier

Course Requirements:
* weekly comments on reading materials and lecture notes: 40% of the final grade
*class presentation (Jan. 3, 06): 30% of the final grade
*term-paper: 30% of the final grade
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